Delivery Information

Shipping Method - All Shipment with Tracking

Package Under 2 KG
Package Over 2 KG (Max 20/30KG per box)
By Air - 7-20 Working days Parcel Service - 7-20 Working days

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  • Only for following Country :United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam 

Speed Post

Speed Post

Max per box 20KG/ 30KG, depends on Country
Package Over 50KG will use Cargo service, will will only allow to some Countries . Specially use for reseller. Not in list Country will delivery into split box by 20/30KG , depands on Countries


  • We will split your package into Boxes when is needed
  • All Shipping Time Frame is excluded Processing Time, Custom, Holiday, Tax issue.
  • Shipping and Package : Monday to Friday ( Excluded Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday)
  • You will need to ready any document for your own import. We are not response for any Taxes / Import issue once we shipped.
  • Please make sure all item you order is allow to your country

Below are the Countries list which we served in main, have more shipping options.  Please contact us if your Countries not in listed

Afghanistan Czech Republic Indonesia Netherlands Slovenia (Rep. of)
Argentina Denmark Ireland Netherlands Antilles South Africa
Armenia Egypt Israel New Zealand South Africa (Rep. of)
Aruba El Salvador Italy Norway Spain
Australia Estonia Japan Peru Sri Lanka
Austria Estonia (Rep. of) Kazakhstan Philippines Sweden
Bahrain Finland Korea Republic of Poland Switzerland
Belarus France Korea, Republic of Portugal Taiwan
Belgium France, Metropolitan Korea, South Puerto Rico Thailand
Bosnia and Herzegowina French Guiana Kuwait Qatar Trinidad and Tobago
Brazil French Polynesia Kyrgyzstan Qatar (State of) Turkey
Brunei Darussalam Georgia (Rep. of) Latvia Reunion Ukraine
Bulgaria Germany Lebanon Romania United Arab Emirates
Canada Greece Lithuania Russia (Russian Federation) United Kingdom
Chile Guadeloupe Lithuania (Rep. of) Russian Federation United States
China Guam Luxembourg Serbia (Rep. of) United States Minor Outlying Isl
Colombia Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore Uruguay
Costa Rica Hungary Malta Slovak Republic (Slovakia) Vietnam
Croatia Iceland Mexico Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Cyprus India Moldova, Republic of Slovenia

Each Country Shipping Per Box KG Limited, we will split into boxes for order over it limited or size

Country Per Box Country Per Box Country Per Box Country Per Box
Afghanistan 10 KG Argentina 20 KG Kazakhstan 20 KG Philippines 30 KG
Estonia 10 KG Armenia 20 KG Korea, South 20 KG Singapore 30 KG
Kuwait 10 KG Aruba 20 KG Kyrgyzstan 20 KG Japan 30 KG
Latvia 10 KG Australia 20 KG Luxembourg 20 KG United States 30 KG
Lithuania 10 KG Bahrain 20 KG Malta 20 KG Lebanon 30 KG
Malaysia 10 KG Belarus 20 KG Mexico 20 KG Cyprus 30 KG
Russian Federation 10 KG Belgium 20 KG Moldova, Republic of 20 KG Switzerland 30 KG
Slovakia 15 KG Bosnia and Herzegowina 20 KG Netherlands Antilles 20 KG Austria 30 KG
Slovenia 15 KG Brunei Darussalam 20 KG Norway 20 KG Denmark 30 KG
Bulgaria 20 KG Peru 20 KG Czech Republic 30 KG
Chile 20 KG Poland 20 KG New Zealand 30 KG
Colombia 20 KG Portugal 20 KG South Africa 30 KG
Croatia 20 KG Puerto Rico 20 KG Serbia (Rep. of) 30 KG
Egypt 20 KG Qatar 20 KG Canada 30 KG
El Salvador 20 KG Reunion 20 KG Costa Rica 30 KG
Finland 20 KG Romania 20 KG Netherlands 30 KG
French Guiana 20 KG Spain 20 KG France, Metropolitan 30 KG
French Polynesia 20 KG Sri Lanka 20 KG United Kingdom 30 KG
Georgia (Rep. of) 20 KG Sweden 20 KG Brazil 30 KG
Greece 20 KG Taiwan 20 KG Germany 30 KG
Guadeloupe 20 KG Thailand 20 KG
Hungary 20 KG Trinidad and Tobago 20 KG
Iceland 20 KG Turkey 20 KG
India 20 KG Ukraine 20 KG
Indonesia 20 KG United Arab Emirates 20 KG
Ireland 20 KG Uruguay 20 KG
Israel 20 KG Vietnam 20 KG
Italy 20 KG

Below Contries is allow to Ship over 50 KG with no limited with Cargo Service, Reseller

Angola Congo (Republic of) Israel   Mozambique   Switzerland
Argentina Cyprus   Japan   Myanmar (Union of) Taiwan
Armenia Czech Republic  Jordan   Nepal   Tanzania
Australia Denmark   Kenya   Netherlands   Thailand
Austria Djibouti   Korea, South  New Zealand  Tunisia
Argentina   Egypt   Kuwait   Nigeria   Turkey
Armenia   Estonia (Republic of) Kyrgyzstan   Norway   Turkmenistan
Australia   Ethiopia   Lao PDR  Oman, Sultanate of United Arab Emirates
Austria   Finland   Lesotho   Pakistan   United Kingdom
Azerbaijan   France   Liechtenstein   Philippines   United States of America
Bahrain   French Polynesia  Luxembourg   Poland   Uzbekistan (Republic of)
Bangladesh   Germany   Macau   Portugal   Vietnam
Belgium   Ghana   Macedonia   Qatar (State of) Zimbabwe
Bermuda   Greece   Malaysia   Seychelles
Bhutan   Hungary   Maldives (Republic of) Singapore
Brazil   Iceland   Mauritius   Slovenia (Republic of)
Cambodia   India   Mexico   South Africa 
Canada   Indonesia   Moldova (Republic of) Spain
Cayman Islands  Iran   Mongolia   Sri Lanka 
Colombia   Ireland   Morocco   Sweden

*** If your Countries is not in List for some service, please contact us for more information